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Analog X-ray complexes

The RDK-VSM complex is used for carrying out radiographic and roentgenoscopic researches with use of photofilm technologies of obtaining the x-ray image in the conditions of x-ray offices of medical institutions.

Complexes provide the wide range of researches, namely: on a rotary table support with use of a radiator with focus of 1.0x1.0 mm or 2.0x2.0 mm it is possible to carry out roentgenoscopy, an aim X-ray analysis, researches to lateropozition with use of the amplifier of the x-ray image with the radiation doses lowered at 5-10 times in the conditions of not darkened room, watching object of research on a TV screen (the 1st workplace); by means of a radiator with focus 0.6kh0.6mm or 1.2x1.2 mm to carry out a X-ray analysis or a longitudinal horizontal tomography on a table with a floating sound board (the 2nd workplace) or a low dose X-ray analysis on a rack of pictures in a sitting position, standing, lying or in the provision of an inclination (the 3rd workplace).

Meeting the demand of the customer various modifications of the offered equipment are possible, i.e. technical parameters and a complete set can be changed.