Complete package of measurements and calculations in:

  • В (2D) mode;
  • М mode;
  • Dopplergraphy.

Clinical applications:

  • internal medicine;
  • surgery;
  • neonatology;
  • endocrinology;
  • angiology;
  • gastroenterology;
  • neurology;
  • orthopedics.
  • abdominal cavity;
  • obstetrics;
  • gynecology;
  • small body parts;
  • cerebrovascular examinations;
  • cardiology;
  • vascular examinations;
  • urology;
  • pediatrics;

B, M modes (black-and-white imaging)

  • Multifrequency formation of transmitted ultrasound beam;
  • Broadband formation of received ultrasound beam – change of bandpass ratio that changes image parameters resolution – penetration;
  • Tissue (second) harmonic;
  • Inverse harmonic;
  • Multi-angle compound imaging;
  • фильтр интеллектуальной архитектуры;
  • Intellectual architecture filter;
  • Multiparameter filter;
  • Ultrasound velocity variation;
  • Dynamic noise rejection filter;
  • Time-averaged maximum velocity;

СF, РF and TD modes (color mapping)

  • Parallel reception of up to 4 ultrasound beams forming in one probing for increase in color frame frequency;
  • Adaptive rejection wall filter, individual in each point of an ultrasound image for quality monitoring of low-velocity flow at moving tissue background;
  • Interframe filter with separate filtration of blood flow increase and decrease for temporal smoothing of color image;
  • Multiparameter filter of movement artefacts and aliasing, ensuring high sensitivity and image dynamism;
  • Adaptive threshold of grey-scale image (8 shades), forming the blood flow image within a vessel;
  • Multiparameter spatial filter for effective smoothing of flow image;
  • Semi-translucent image formation for simultaneous observation of tissues and blood flow velocity (or simultaneous observation of tissues and tissue velocity);
  • Multiparameter adaptive filter of pulsating blood flows for arterial vessels mapping.

PW (pulse-wave) and CW (continuous-wave) spectral Doppler modes

  • Pulse-wave (PW) and continuous-wave (CW) spectral Doppler modes;
  • НРRF with frequency of up to 25 kHz in PW mode;
  • Duplex and triplex scanning modes;
  • Saving raw data in cineloop that enables controlling most of processing parameters and repeated measurements in postprocessing;
  • Automatic routing of mean and maximum velocities;
  • Three types of Doppler measurements available - manual, semi-automatic and automatic;
  • Automatic computation of blood flow parameters (20 parameters) in real time and freeze mode.

Beam forming:

  • digital;
  • multibeam parallel;
  • multifrequency;
  • broadband.

Configuration of ULTIMA series digital ultrasound diagnostic Doppler devices can be modified with further improvement to meet your requirements.
The basic delivery set has a complete package of special measurement programs for all investigation types.