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Fluorograph FTsOI-7

The photofluorograph with digital image processing is intended for carrying out mass inspection or early-stage identification of diseases of tuberculosis and oncological diseases in medical institutions of the rooms which aren't provided with sufficient x-ray protection.

The device is used for thorax fluorography in a standing position in direct or side projections with an image conclusion in a digital format on the monitor screen, in memory of the computer, on paper or on x-ray film, and also information transfer to the Internet by the DICOM protocol - 3.

The device is equipped with a x-ray radiator with two focal spots and the high-frequency generator.

At the request of the customer the complete set the multimatrix or one-matrix digital receiver with sizes of the entrance field, mm - 390х390 is possible; 430х430, with a resolution of 2,5; 4,5 couples of lines and with a dynamic range of 200-800.

Providing the fluorograph as a part of a mobile fluorographic office on the basis of the PAZ car, KAMAZ, etc. is possible.

Structure of the photofluorograph:

  • fluorographic X-ray protective cabin with the lifting mechanism of the patient and the control panel;
  • x-ray radiator with a diaphragm and a light centralizer for aim pictures;
  • high-frequency power supply of a x-ray radiator;
  • digital receiver of the x-ray image;
  • X-ray protection devices for protection of a thyroid gland and gonads;
  • automated workplaces (AW) of the laboratory assistant and radiologist;

the software for performance of function of processing of the x-ray image, an archiving and transfer, according to the DICOM-3 protocol, and also productions of the accompanying text documentation and statistical processing

The composition

  • X-ray protection cabin;
  • We set the digital detector ИОНА-Р-4000, manufactured by SPA «Teleoptik», or OMEGA with a resolving power 4,8 Lp/ma, 3,6 Lp/ma и 2,5 Lp/mm).

Digital x-ray image detectors are equipped with the original software.

There is an ability to operate the software in a unified (uniform) system with a hospital-wide server.

  • X-ray tube. We recommend using X-ray tubes with a minimum size of the focal spot with low-dose digital x-ray image detectors.

For example the focal spot of 0.6/1.5 or 0.6/1.2. We recommend using Italian tubes - X42 / C40, produced by company IAE (with a focal spot of 0.6/1.5) in fluorograph (X-ray system for chest) FDIP-08 (07) and FDIP-12 (11). This tube has an optimal ratio of "price-quality".

As an optional: Toshiba E7239X (1,0/2,0) tube.

Optional: CPI generators - CMP200 ENERGY ASSIST 32 kW, 220V / 1 phase, with the capacitor energy storage.

  • Radiologist's workplace;
  • Laboratory assistant's workplace;
  • X-ray protection devices for the thyroid gland and gonads defense;
  • Software to perform X-ray image processing functions, archiving and transmission according to the protocol DICOM-3.14, as well as the production of text documentation accompanying and statistical processing;

As an option we can supply monochrome diagnostic monitor WIDE and medical printer for hard copies of fluorograms on a special x-ray film.


  • Digital Matrix system allows obtaining high quality image in a few thousandths of a second. With the help of it the image corresponds to the full-size plain film according to the diagnostic descriptiveness.?Digital X-ray image of high quality in many cases allows to diagnose without additional testing.?Moreover, the software that comes as a part of computer workstation enables a radiologist many options: control the brightness and contrast of the image, measuring distances, angles, and areas, i.e. helps the doctor to identify pathological aberrations.
  • The program also allows you to manipulate the «rigidity» of already taken fluorograms, highlighting the structure of the lungs or bone.?X-ray protection cabin which has absorption of 1.35 mm lead equivalent, reduces the radiation load on the staff almost to the level of natural background, so the system can be placed next to the doctors, even in areas of limited space, such as a wagon with mobile fluorograph system (mobile X-ray system for chest).

This is a classic design of fluorograph (X-ray system for chest).