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RDK on 2 or 3 workplaces with a digital multislice linear tomography

X-ray diagnostic complex

The complex provides:

Digital X-ray analysis on a rack of pictures by means of the rotary digital receiver in a standing position, lying or in a lateropozitsiin a table of pictures.

  • X-ray analysis on a table of pictures or on a vertical rack
  • New tomographic prefix with function of a longitudinal linear tomosintez with corners of a tomosintez to from-20 to +20 and the adjustable speed of movement of a radiator. Synthesizing of images of cuts from 0 to 300 mm and step of 5 mm.

Meeting the demand of the customer the complex can be delivered complete with a rotary table a support: URI 9" or 12", with digital system of record, storage and processing the skopicheskikh of images or without it, with the TV camera of the first or second television standard.

Is a part of a complex:

  • Table with a vertical column and processor management of the movements.
  • Prefix for a linear tomography.
  • Rack of pictures with the digital receiver of the x-ray image.
  • X-ray radiator with a diaphragm and a svetovymtsentrator.
  • High-frequency x-ray generator.
  • Set of high-voltage cables.
  • The automated workplace a X-ray laboratory assistant
  • The automated workplace of the radiologist
  • Thermal printer (option);
  • Set of X-ray protective accessories. (option)
  • Table wheelchair with a X-ray transparent sound board (option).

The software allows to carry out processing, an archiving of x-ray pictures, listing of the digital image on a x-ray film, transfer of the image according to the DICOM format – 3 and another.

The complex is provided auxiliary X-ray protective with accessories to special shootings according to the application of the customer.

The digital receiver of the x-ray image has spatial resolution of 4,0 couples of lines/mm in the mode of a X-ray analysis and to 1.7 couples of lines/mm in the mode of a tomosintez.

Wide dynamic range and possibility of digital processing of the image provide diagnostics of both dense, and soft fabrics in one picture.

Small threshold contrast of system gives the chance to distinguish low-contrast objects on the monitor screen.