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Madis X-ray Digital Mammography System is a modern tool for diagnosing breast diseases. It enables conducting all kinds of screening and diagnostic breast examinations provided in mammology. The system utilizes the digital technology of obtaining mammograms with image visualization on the monitor screen, paper and film media.

NO NEED in photolaboratory, X-ray film, chemical agents.

The system consists of an X-ray stand device and workstations: X-ray technician's workstation and radiotherapist's diagnostic workstation. The system is powered from a single-phase AC network, 220 V, 50 Hz.

Madis System provides:

  • Automatic or manual setting of exposure modes;
  • Higher diagnostic value of pictures due to digital processing of X-ray image (brightness and contrast correction, filtering, zoom, determination of geometric parameters, positive and negative images, rotation etc.);
  • Sending pictures over Internet (DICOM 3.0 format);
  • Recording and archiving pictures and medical opinions on paper, floppy disks, CD/DVD, in computer memory;
  • Examinations in diagnostic mode — up to 20 patients per shift, in screening mode — up to 40 patients per shift.

Delivery set:

  • The block x-ray with a monoblock and support
  • Control unit
  • AW (the automated workplace) in structure:
  • computer with the software
  • monitor 19" TFT
  • the printer for the printing of the conclusions and images
  • keyboard + mouse
  • power supply unit

Meeting the demand of the customer, changing of a complete set is possible:

  • the monochrome medical monitor 21", 3MP with the video card
  • the digital medical printer for the printing of images on a x-ray film or paper