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RDK on 2 or 3 workplaces with the elevator of a table of pictures

The complex provides:

  • Digital linear tomography on a table of pictures.
  • Digital X-ray analysis on a vertical rack of pictures in a standing position, lying or in a lateropozition on a table of pictures.

The device can be also delivered without digital tomography system and a digital X-ray analysis, only with registration of pictures for a x-ray film.

Meeting the demand of the customer the complex can be delivered complete with a rotary table a support: URI 9" or 12", with digital system of record, storage and processing the skopicheskikh of images or without it, with the TV camera of the first or second television standard.


1. A table for a X-ray analysis with vertical raising of a sound board (elevator) and the digital receiver of the x-ray image which allows:

  • carrying out inspection of children, people of advanced age or with physical deviations the account of a table sound board, mobile on height, from 510 mm to 810 mm;
  • exact positioning of the patient on an inspection zone without his movement at the expense of a floating sound board of a table on two coordinates;
  • fast obtaining quality tomograms in the cut height range the 0-250th through 1 mm at the expense of a linear tomographic prefix which is connected with the digital receiver;

2. The vertical rack of pictures with the digital receiver allows:

  • to do the developed pictures of bodies of a thorax on the receiver with the working field 430kh430mm with high resolution – it is more than 4,0 couples of lines/mm and wide dynamic range;
  • to receive contrast pictures of soft fabrics, bones and the surveyed bodies due to high sensitivity of the receiver and wide dynamic range.

3. The x-ray radiator – ensures stable and reliable functioning of a complex throughout all term of his operation.

4. High-frequency x-ray generator:

  • provides high stability of the proceeding parameters and the minimum dose of radiation of the patient;
  • allows to improve management of tension and current, to lower pulsations and to provide these a dose postoyannost at the expense of the high frequency of transformation, it is more than 200 kHz;
  • the line of generators has a wide set of capacities from 50 kW to 80 kW that provides all types of modern researches;
  • the generator has anatomic programming (APR) with a possibility of correction by the operator, user-friendly governing bodies, a possibility of calibration and installation of parameters from the external computer.

5. The automated workplace of the radiologist.

6. The automated workplace the laboratory assistant's X-ray:

  • the software of workplaces of the doctor and laboratory assistant allows to carry out processing, an archiving of x-ray pictures, listing of the digital image on a x-ray film, transfer of the image in the DICOM-3 format and so forth;
  • digital images can be received on a workplace of the laboratory assistant (Automated workplace laboratory assistant) and radiologist (Automated workplace doctor) located separately from a x-ray office at distance to 100 m.

7. Set of high-voltage cables.

8. A set of means of protection from x-ray radiation. Management of all movements and types of diagnostics is carried out by means of microprocessor management from one panel.

The complex meets all modern requirements of radiodiagnosis, provides high quality of the received images, is reliable and safe, simple and convenient in operation.