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Mammographs SIMA

The SIMA digital x-ray mammography complex is a modern equipment for diagnosis of diseases of a mammary gland. The complex has high resolution and provides the quality of the shadow image sufficient for performance of all types of the inspections provided in a mammology. The SIMA complex doesn't exclude a possibility of carrying out x-ray inspections by a traditional method by means of a x-ray film. The size of the used cartridges with a x-ray film – 24kh30sm.

SYMA ensures:

  • smooth electrically driven breast compression;
  • automated or manual setting of exposure parameters (selection of the anode voltage, tube current, image duration, quantity of electricity);
  • higer diagnostic value of pictures due to digital processing of an X-ray image (brightness and contrast correction, filtration, zooming, positive, negative image, rotation etc.);
  • sending pictures over the Internet (DICOM 3.0 format);
  • recording and archiving pictures and medical opinions on paper, floppy disks, CD/DVD, in computer memory.
  • conventional mammologica examinations using X-ray film.

Delivery set:

  • The block x-ray with a monoblock and a support.
  • Control unit.
  • The automated workplace: the computer with the software, the monitor, the printer for the printing of the conclusions and images, the keyboard + a mouse, the uninterruptible power supply unit.

Technical characteristics:

— type high-frequency invertor
— power, kW 8
— range of installation of anode tension, kV 22 – 35
— step of installation of anode tension, kV 1
— range of installation of amount of electricity, Mas 30 – 480
— the established value of anode current, мА 80
— food from a single-phase electric network 220 V (±10%), 50 Hz
X-ray tube  
— anode type the molybdenum rotating
— size of a focal spot, mm 0,1/0,3
— window, mm 0,5 beryllium
— filter, mm 0,03 molybdenum
Digital receiver  
— size of the working field, mm 240х180
— resolution, steam of lines/mm 8
— threshold contrast 0,02
— monitors diagonal of not less than 19"
— electronic archive on rigid and CD disks
— printer for listing of images and texts