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The fluorograph with digital image processing (further the fluorograph) is intended for carrying out mass inspection or early-stage identification of diseases of tuberculosis, and other oncological diseases.

Fluorographs are made with a X-ray protective cabin or without it. In the second case the device could be structurally executed in two options:

  • With a uniform support with the radiator, connected onto an axis and the receiver of the x-ray image, with distance focus of a tube - the center of the receiver of 100 cm or 150  cm, meeting the demand of the customer. The device allows the radiologist to choose situation for research of the patient in a standing or sitting position . Vertical movement of a radiator and receiver from 400 to 1900 mm is possible.
  • With the separate support of the receiver and a separate support of a open typed radiator with mutual synchronization, providing free vertical movement along the patient's body.

No cabin fluorographs are convenient for patients with non-standard build and physical deviations, for patients on wheelchairs.

Meeting the demand of the customer various modifications of the offered equipment are possible, i.e. technical parameters and a complete set might be changed.