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About the company

LLC KPO Medapparatura is the official representative and distributor of Medapparatura Production Association. KPO "Medapparatura" has been founded in 1931.

In more than 80 years, the conpany has turned into the leader of the medical industry of the USSR. The new equipment, advanced technologies together with the strategic line on quality of production and beneficial cooperation with consumers are basic components of the success of "Medapparatura".

Nowadays, quality management system guarantees permanent high quality of products and the provided services, irrespective of the changing external or internal conditions that is confirmed by the certificates of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

LLC KPO Medapparatura presents all the range of the X-ray diagnostic equipment at the Russian market: low dose photofluorographs with digital processing of the image with or without cabin, complex x-ray diagnostic with film or digital processing of the image for two or three workplaces, universal digital radiographic system.

LLC KPO Medapparatura offers the x-ray mammography digital complexes "Madis" and "Sima", the ultrasonography scanners of production of DP JSC NIIRI of RADMIR conducting the producer of ultrasonic scanners, devices for diagnostics of a mammary gland.

All divisions of RADMIR are provided with technical officers who have experience of development of the equipment, and also highly skilled workers who provide a necessary modern and high level of quality of the made medical production.

The quality management system which completely conforms to requirements of the international ISO 13485:2003 standard. Besides, the system of the quality standards of DSTU ISO 9002-95 which provides daily control of quality of development, production and adjustment of the medical equipment.